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Shannon Precision Fastener, LLC

Shannon's superior equipment set and internal heat treatment capabilities make it a perfect fit for manufacturing critical powertrain parts, chassis parts, seat belt bolts and beyond.

Size Capability:

Diameter Size - M6 to M24

Length - Under the head measurements from 20MM to 381MM

As seen in these pictures, Shannon distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a myriad of product geometries and features by using the most precise manufacturing equipment in the world.

19892 19892
Bolt ready for over-molded rubber
37676 37676
Bolt with knurls under the head
50378 50378
Lengthy collar stud
65435K978AA 65435K978AA
Cam bolt for chassis applications
210379 210379
Double end hex stud
110609866 110609866
Self tapping shoulder bolt for seat restraints
B01150 B01150
Large diameter hex cap screw
Special double end stud
N8115225424 N8115225424
Pan head bolt with internal drive and captivated washer
Special head shoulder bolt
W7050335439 W7050335439
Hex flange double end stud with captivated washer
W7079685439 W7079685439
Large diameter and long length hex flange bolt with captivated washer
W7093445424 W7093445424
Pan head bolt with internal drive and captivated washer
W7098415439 W7098415439
Hex flange bolt with knurls under the head and special point
W7108555439 W7108555439
Hex flange bolt with special point
W7123785439 W7123785439
Long hex flange bolt with special captivated washer
W7126873439 W7126873439
Special hex flange bolt with oversized hex height

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IATF 16949 * ISO 14001 * Ford Motor Company Q1