Our Story

Shannon Precision Fastener was founded in 2004 with the goal of being the premier fastener company in North America. Guided by leadership principles instilled by Chuck O’Brien and Paul Morath, the Shannon Team works diligently each day to uphold their legacy as detailed in Shannon’s Mission Statement.

Shannon’s Mission

“To be recognized by our customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers, and communities as the most trusted, innovative, and competent manufacturer of fasteners and fastening systems capable of meeting or exceeding all stakeholders expectations.”

Our Team’s commitment to our Mission is the foundation for our culture of excellence. This commitment to excellence is coupled with our strategies;

  • Identify and understand stakeholder expectations and establish continuous improvement programs to meet or exceed these expectations.
  • Form relationships with all stakeholders based on trust and provide the training, education and other resources necessary to serve each other and our customers.
  • Promote safety and health of our employees and the environment of the communities in which we operate.

This is the overwhelming driver for everyday activities at Shannon.

Shannon Precision Fastener
Shannon Precision Fastener
Shannon Precision Fastener