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Shannon Precision Fastener, LLC

Shannon Precision Fastener is proud to announce the opening of our second manufacturing facility, Shannon Precision Fastener Auburn Hills! The addition of this facility puts Shannon in a strong position to support our Customers' continued growth.

Company Profile

Shannon Precision Fastener, LLC, was formed in 2004 with the aim of fundamentally reducing variation in the fastener production process. Variation is the enemy of consistent, repeatable quality and cost. Today Shannnon can routinely hold half of traditional tolerances. This is accomplished by leveraging current technological advances. Shannon employs five die progressive cold formers, allowing the individual control of critical characteristics as well as extrusion of both heads and bodies. This control and repeatability from lot to lot allows trouble free automated feeding. Extruded heads with fully filled out corners not only enhance the appearance of our customers' products but also facilitate longer assembly tool life. Extrusion also promotes better material flow during the forming process itself, yielding a stronger, more reliable fastener.

Shannon studies and improves every process from wire preparation, to forming, to hardening with an eye to providing you a better fastener at a lower cost. Our job is to create value for you, our customer.

Auburn Hills Plant Picture

Auburn Hills, Michigan

Madison Heights Plant Picture

Madison Heights, Michigan

Shannon Precision Fastener, LLC * 31600 Stephenson Highway * Madison Heights, MI 48071 * Ph. 248-589-9670 * Fax 248-589-9674

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